Only available for Brazil

You can send and receive money without the intervention of any other system or application thanks to its web interface through which it is possible to anticipate the payment to your service providers, send and receive money, pay bills and consume digital services.

You can request virtual accounts for Localpayment Brazil customers.

The flow consists of three stages:

  1. Virtual Account creation.

  2. Deposit generation.

  3. Payin creation and notification via Webhook.

Users will be able to receive payments from the local ACH network through PIX. Localpayment will send notifications for each Payin received to the URL configured as Callback. You can check the notification format in Callback Virtual Account.

  • Request the creation and assignment of the virtual account through our support team, you only need to send us the beneficiary's data: Full name, document and type of identity document.

  • The virtual account is identified by a bank account number.

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