You can generate the payment request from our front-end. Go to Payin - > Checkout - > WebCheckout.

The checkout process has 4 steps:

Step 1: Account information: you need to select country and account number.

Destination account:

  • The account to which payment will be credited.

  • The payment methods correspond to the methods configured for the selected account.

Step 2: Payer Information: to complete the Payer's personal information.

Step 3: Cart information: displays the summary with merchant data, shipping and product details.

Step 4: Payment information: to select the payment method.

  • You can select a payment type and method.

  • The payment methods correspond to the methods that the selected account is configured.

Select submit and get the payment receipt (bank transfer and cash) or

payment confirmation (credit card and debit card).

Payment must be made before the indicated date.

After this date, you will receive the following message.

Our Dynamic tutorial:

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