Intro to FX operations

Localpayment platform can process FX as described below:


1) FX on Payment (DCC Dynamic currency conversion): when you operate an account nominated in USD and process payins and payouts in local currencies the FX will be executed by our API real time 24/7. If you need to pre-quote the FX to show the quotation in your frontend UX you can use our Currency Exchange Quote to get the rate and FX Token + expiration date.

2) FX Bulk: when you operate accounts in multiple currencies you can run automated bulk FX operations using our Currency Exchange - Bulk end point.


3) FX on Settlement: when you operate an account nominated in local currencies to process payins and payouts we will not perform automated DCC on each payment, debits or credits will occurs in the same currency as the account is nominated. When you want to make a cross border (international settlement) deposit or a withdrawal our trading desk can quote you FX to perform bulk currency exchanges and manage your local currency liquidity.

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