Payins Overview

What is a Payin?

Localpament helps merchants accept payments in emerging countries, by supporting all the local payment methods available in each region including:

  • Local credit/debit cards

  • Bank Transfers

  • E-wallets

  • Direct debit

  • Cash payments.

The Payin Process

Payin Flow

Payin Solution

  • Direct API: Our Payin API allows for full customization of the user experience according to the merchant's needs. This solution requires code development on the merchant's website.

  • Redirect: Localpayment's server offers a smooth experience without the need for any coding at all. Simply insert our webcheckout and start collecting funds. Redirect can be used by web, link or email.

  • Plugins: Localpayment also offers the possibility to integrate our plugins in the following sites.

Getting Started

With just one integration, your company can sell to consumers based in emerging markets local payment options is an excellent opportunity to increase your sales and reach even more customers.

Request your test account

If you don't have your testing account yet, access our Localpayment Business Page , select your business model and answer a few questions. One of our Business Development Analysts will get in touch shortly.

At this stage, you will have access to your test Integration keys. Only after the conclusion of your negotiation and the integration process with our team, you will receive your live integration keys.

Start your integration

Once you have your test account, you can go over all the Localpayment solutions below and decide which integration best suits your platform. If you aren't sure, don’t worry, our Business Development Analyst will guide you.

Additional Resources

We have a full API Refence document, describing in details each parameter and responses. You can find the Payout API Reference here.

Also, you can test your API calls using our Postman Collection. You can find our Payout Postman Colletion here.

You can find our reference guide with all the codes, countries, methods in order to start the integration here.

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