Wire Out

To withdraw the funds received through Localpayment and deposit them into your bank account, you can perform a 'wire out' to transfer those funds from your Localpayment account to your external bank.

There are 2 types of settlement

1.- Balance sheet settlement. It is when the money is released and passes to the balance. When AVAILABLE on the account

2.- Settlement to the client: After 15 days of a payment, that money is released to the client, but he will be able to withdraw the money when he reaches or exceeds the minimum settlement

Wire Out Flow

Here are two ways to process a Wire Out: API flow and dashboard V3 . The flow begins with the request of a Wire Out via API or dfashboard. The transaction is created with the status of Pending Authorization.

To be processed, the operation must be authorized by an external user with an administrator profile. If the operation is authorized, the transaction moves to the Received status; otherwise, it moves to the Rejected status.

Once the operation is in the Received status, the Localpayment team will validate the transaction. If everything is okay, it will move to the Pending Debit status; if the data is incorrect, the operation will be Rejected.

The Localpayment team will validate whether the transfer was completed and if the amount was transferred (Completed) or if it was rejected by the bank (Rejected). In both cases, you will receive an email notification.

Wire Out API

POST {{api_environment_url}}/api/account/wire-out


Request Body

    "transactionType": "WireOut",
    "externalId": "",
    "internalId": "c0e5ec40-b5b6-49aa-8c2d-b1ba01080100",
    "country": "ARG",
    "currency": "ARS",
    "clientCode": "0001",
    "creationDate": "2024-02-29T18:41:49.940+00:00",
    "errors": [],
    "status": {
        "code": "100",
        "description": "RECEIVED",
        "detail": "WIRE OUT"
    "accountNumber": "032.032.00000016",
    "amount": 965.0,
    "fees": {
        "description": "Fee",
        "currency": "ARS",
        "amount": 35.0,
        "account": "032.032.00000016"
    "localTaxes": [],
    "withHoldings": [],
    "comment": "WireOut_External"

Example Wire Out request

    "to": {
        "name": "BBVA Arg.",
        "swift": "BCSARG",
        "address": "YourAccountNumber",
        "accountName": "YourAccountName",
        "accountNumber": "YourAccountNumber",
        "routingNumber": "routingNumber",
        "beneficiaryAddress": "beneficiaryAddress"
    "amount": 1000,
    "comment": "WireOut_External",
    "country": "ARG",
    "currency": "ARS",
    "externalId": "{{externalId}}",
    "accountNumber": "032.032.00000016",
    "transactionType": "WireOut"

Wire Out instruction by V3 Front

Next, review the guide to generate a Wire Out instruction in dashboard of V3

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