In this option you can create your keys to execute the link payments within your own development.

The process has # steps:

Step 1: In the payment menu choose: Payin --> Checkout --> IFRAME KEYS

Step 2: In this module you will find the button "Add Key pairs + ", when you select it a new screen will be activated asking you to complete the required fields : Title of your product or service, Domain, Select Country, Select Destination Account, Currency .

Step 3: Enter the information of your merchant in each of the fields, if they are correct select "Accept", otherwise "Cancel".

Step 4: When you select "Accept", the system will confirm the creation of your keys and will show the generated private key.

  • With these keys you can embed our webcheckout with your shopping cart.

  • You can visualize the list of created keys and the status, additionally you can delete or block them.

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