Virtual Account

Virtual accounts are a collection/payin method that allows the Company to create multiple accounts and receive local ACH bank transfers with the benefit of having an easier reconciliation process by assigning the account to a specific merchant or end user.

Our Virtual account solution will allow you to create multiple accounts for your merchants and customers to have real time collections in local currencies.

Since each virtual account is unique, receiving funds into a specific virtual account makes it easier and faster for businesses to identify who made each transaction.

Users will be able to receive payments, through a more professional UX with real-time notifications.

It operates as follows:

  1. LP client request to create Virtual accounts

  2. LP provides virtual accounts Client delivers to end users the virtual accounts

  3. End user executes payments to their virtual accounts

  4. LP confirms the credits via callbacks

When you create a virtual account, you will receive a bank account number, with the detail:

 "status": {
    "code": "200",
    "description": "COMPLETED",
    "detail": "Virtual account has been created"

CountryLocal ACH denomination for the virtual accountCurrency








You can open Virtual account for C2C, B2C and B2B model

Virtual Account flows

Request Virtual Account API Status Flow

Virtual Account Creation

To request the creation of a Virtual Account use the following method:

pageRequest Individual

Once the creation of a Virtual Account has been requested, you will receive notifications of the status of the request. To know the webhook notification format check the Completed and InProgress tabs in the following link:

pagePayin Virtual Account

Or you can check the status using the following method:

pageCheck virtual account

Receive payments through Virtual Accounts

After you have created the virtual accounts, users will be able to receive payments through the local ACH network. Localpayment will send real time 24/7 notifications for each Payin received to the URL configured as Callback

You can check the webhook notification format in the "On receiving a payment" tab of the following link:

pagePayin Virtual Account

Frontend Report: Virtual Accounts created

To check the Virtual Account created from our frontend you can follow the following tutorial

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