Costa Rica

Below you will see the fields designated for the Costa Rica

Document validations

Document Type
Data Type
Verification digit
Mandatory for methods
Document ID Example
Registro Único Tributario
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card

Example: How to validate IDs through the api?

Remember that you can validate documents through the LP api. See Document Validation service.
Below you can find some examples to validate through our api. You can also test with the examples above. Please, note the structure of each ID type (lenght, dots, hyphen, lowercase/uppercase). To validate Chilean documents through the API, you can add or omit the dots, hyphens, and lowercase/uppercase.
Example: RUT
Valid ID Response
"document": {
"id" :"1111111111",
"type" :"RUT"
"country" : "CRI"
"code": "200",
"description": "Valid id and type document"
Validate IDs through the LP api:

Check the Country ISOCode 3: