Close Chargeback

You can close the chargeback.

When closing the chargeback you are acknowledging and accepting that the localpayment will debit the payin´s funds from your account and returning the money to the payer´s credit card

Chargeback -> Complete a Received Chargeback (Close)


Close notification sample

  "transactionType": "ChargeBack",
  "data": {
    "externalId": "1668802354",
    "internalId": "494feb43-e734-4690-bd72-01445161b054",
    "accountNumber": "032.032.00000001",
    "transactionType": "ChargeBack",
    "comment": "ChargeBack transaction originated by: 7fd9c89a-4f6e-4912-b478-890b86429df7",
    "status": {
      "code": "200",
      "description": "COMPLETED",
      "detail": "Chargeback has been completed"
    "dateCreated": "2022-11-22T20:19:54Z",
    "dateProcessed": "2022-11-22T21:12:09Z"

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