Create Batch Upload

This option allows the customer to generate the payment through a Batch XLS or XLSX upload.

The process has 7 steps:

Step 1: In the payment menu choose: PayOut --> Create -->Create Batch Upload.

Step 2: Choose the country to be uploaded.

Step 3: Identify the account number and select it.

Step 4: Upload the file by selecting the option "Click or drag file to this area".

Step 5: When the file is uploaded you can verify and accept otherwise delete it.

Step 6: If the file is correct select the option "Upload".

Step 7: The system will validate the file and generate a positive or negative result.

Example of positive result:

  • Select confirm

  • Finally it analyzes the information and approves the upload.

Example of a negative result

  • Error in the file

  • Errors in the file contents

  • Validates the error detail

Please find below the XLSX batch file templates for each country:

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