Onboarding & Integration

The full process in a nutshell

The API integration process in a nutshell

Account creation

During the integration process, you as a client can request the configuration of your accounts based on the strategy that suits you best, as described below:

  1. Process all the merchants in a single account where each transaction is described with its corresponding merchant and virtual account. You will only have 1 statement and 1 balance.

  2. Process each merchant in a dedicated account where you will find all of them in your main account panel with a single credential. Each account will have the registered merchant, and this merchant will have an independent balance.

  3. Process each merchant as if they were different clients with different credentials. Each merchant will have an independent control panel. This option only works if the merchant has access (We need their email addresses to create users for each merchant). If you want to control your balances, we recommend option 2.

Our support team will be in charge of creating the accounts according to the established agreements and strategies.

Other required tasks to complete the API integration

Setup your Callback/Webhook

7) Setup your callback notification service from our front end to your server with HMAC SHA 256 signature. Go to Configurations -> Clients -> Notifications - > Callbacks

Whitelist your Servers IP

You can setup your IP to be whitelisted from our front end. Go to Configurations -> Clients -> Whitelisted IP

Setup your own users

Create/Disable/Enable and change password for the users of your organization

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