Refund Bank Transfer

The "Refunds" functionality allows external customers/users to request a refund of the amount paid. It is available through API or Front

Refunds API

PATCH {api_base_url}api/payin/{externalId}/refund



Authorization *


JWT token in format Bearer eyJ0... For more information about authentication, please refer to Authentication

Request Body




An ID that is meaningful to you and your system. Must be unique.

    "externalId": "XXXX",
    "internalId": "{{InternalId}}",
    "status": {
        "code": "902",
        "description": "REFUNDED",
        "detail": "The payin was refunded"
curl --location --request PATCH '{{externalId}}/refund' \
--header 'x-client-code: 0000' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'Authorization:{{Token_Generated}}' \
--data '{

Create Payin Refund

  • The transaction can only be refunded if the status is completed.

  • The refund must be made to the total amount of the payin.

  • The beneficiary and destination account information must be the same as the data from which the payment originates.

Authorization Refund Bank Transfer

  • Your account must be set to require authorization for refunds.

  • An administrator will need to authorize the refund before it can be processed.

  • Administrators can authorize refunds from the "Pending Authorization" menu option within the "Refunds" menu.

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